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We are Falcon & Tingilya


What we do

We create Cosplays and Costumes

Long story short, we build costumes of the highest quality. We wear them by ourself on conventions and other events. Everything started 2015 when Tingilya and Falcon met the fist time. Since then we travel and work together. 



Take a look at our costumes! Follow us into our creative world! 

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What we do


Promotion & Life Act

Our Costumes come to life when we wear them. With our team we can build awesome costumes to fit the concept of your promotion perfectly. 


We like to share our experiences with other peoples. There are many topics we can offer workshops for. For example horns and headpieces, hooves for costumes, wings for beginners, armor making and so on.

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Since a few years we love to create costumes, especially own designs are what we like! From fairies to warriors every costume is made with joy and an eye for details!


Video Production

Beside conventions and photo shootings we do video productions. We enjoy to visit concerts, so this is a great opportunity to combine our interests!


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Meet us

We are based in germany and we travel to a lot of conventions so you can see us in our costumes! Just look at the calender and you will see what we do next and where we will be! If you want us to be a part of your event, please write us an email (info@fat-productions.com) or use our contact formular.


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About Us


Hi, I'm Judith, aka Falcon, and I cosplay since 3  years now. I love to bring characters from movies, games and comics to life, but I also enjoy to create my own designs. Feel free to take a look at our gallery. <3

Sinestra Costume made by Falcon

Sinestra Costume made by Falcon

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My name is Tingilya

Hi, I'm Mirjam, aka Tingilya, I cosplay since 3 years now, I love the opportunity to become so many different characters. I most create armor from games or do my own designs. Also I like to work with LEDΒ΄s, servos and technical stuff.

Deathwing Costume made by Tingilya

Deathwing Costume made by Tingilya

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